GANDON FIRENZE - Furnishing accessories, Christmas ornaments, artificial flowers, florists ' sundries, floral decorations, decorations for showcases
Always on the market, with wholesale of accessories for florists, bakeries, wedding and window dressers, always looking for new techniques and new materials in Europe and the Orient. According to the needs and the evolution of the market, twice a year, in spring and in fall, we fit for you the "Wim Hazelaar" showroom with the latest trends and the new collections
Thanks to the collaboration of our designer Jan & Winand, we expose in our "Wim Hazelaar" showroom all our wide range of items such as dried flowers, artificial flowers and plants, baskets, candles, ceramics, paper, ribbons, bows, material for shopping window, Christmas ornaments, trees, festoons and everything you can find in 1500 m2 of exhibition and kindness.